Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Yummy Gel a Tins Shaker Card

Today I am using the set called Sweet Cakes.

I remembered a card a sweet friend and FABULOUS card maker named Candace made and knew that I wanted to try her idea out. Click here to see her card.

The other day I was using some of my Jenni Bowlin Pins. They came in this great package.


Well I took the pins out and thought to save the plastic tray, because I knew I'd reuse it.

For this card, the tray is the window of my shaker.


I did not take pictures in the making process of this card. It was quite a round of trial and error.

I tried to take multiple pictures to show you how the tray works as the pop out window.

I used the tiny cupcakes for the inside of the shaker and small glass beads that I thought looked like cupcake sprinkles.

We have a fried who refers to the sprinkles as that the cutest thing?


This card was fun to make but I did have quite a time getting the hole in the paper fit the plastic tray just right.


But no fear, I am mathematically challenged, so this is probably only an issue to me!

My little ones enjoy shaking the card...shaking...shaking...shaking..."Ok..put the card down now!"

I love the way it turned out...what else have you seen put in these shakers? We'd love to hear from you. Leave a link in your comment if you'd like!

I'd love to hear your ideas!

This has been Jeannie with The Polka Cabana with today's post!

Have a "Gel" a riffic day!!


Cassie said...

Darling card and a great way to use up old packaging!

BonBon said...

LOVE this idea!!! what a great idea to reuse packaging!!!! I will use this for sure in the near future!!!

Linda Abadie said...

this is so cute!