Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meet Tanya!


Hi there my name is Tanya and I am 26 years old. I live in Ukraine with my boyfriend. I started card making only only one year ago and now it is my real passion))))Also I like to decorate my house.
Most of all I like to create cards especially mini-cards. Like to work with many details on a small part of paper.  I like shabby and American styles.
My work has been published in CARDS Magazine. Below are some of my favourite projects.

Also I like to create different boxes for keeping different goods.


More my creations you can see in my blog http://diaryofcards.blogspot.com
I am so excited to be a gel-a-tina and cant wait to share my projects with you.


Jessica Pascarella said...

Welcome to the team,Tanya! Looking forward to getting to know you and your work!

Anita Recksiedler said...

Hi Tanya! So excited to be on the team with you! Loved reading more about you and love seeing your favorites, great style!

GuestFirst said...

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Pothys said...

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Kim said...

Hi, Tanya! I love your projects.

Anonymous said...

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