Friday, November 25, 2011

Turn your stamps into coloring pages!

As soon as I opened this stamp set (Once Upon a Time), my daughter and I both fell in love with it! She is only 7 years old and I thought it might be a little tricky for her to colour in. I came up with the idea to stamp the image and then photocopy it and enlarge it on my printer at the same time. The idea worked perfectly and I was able to produce the same image on a large scale! I also run a home daycare, and it just so happens we are doing a Once Upon a Time theme, where we are learning about princesses, castles, and storybook fun! This stamp set was perfect even for little ones, to color, once the image was enlarged! I even did an introduction poster to hang up in the daycare: Here is the poster with the stamped image too!

This idea can be used for scrapbooking stores to make coloring pages for the little ones, while mom shops away too! I just LOVE this idea! To see more of what my kids have done, be sure to stop by my blog today:!

Stamp a clear image onto white cardstock.
Place it on your printer and use the enlarge feature.
You may have to play around with how much to enlarge it, but once you have correct proportions, you will have coloring sheet that you can reuse over and over again!
Have the kids colour, paint, and even glitter away!

Some sizes when I photocopied:

With this technique, anyone can use "stamps". Here is my youngest daughter painting her picture:

Thanks everyone, for letting me share this fun technique! Have a great weekend!

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Jeannie from said...

LOVE this! I too play around with stamps in the digi world! Wow so much we can do with stamps these days.