Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet Design Team member Jeannie!

Today we're all about getting to know Jeannie!  Welcome to the team!

I am Jeannie DeGruccio, native California girl.  I am so excited to be on the Gel-A-Tins Design Team.  A little about me:  I am a mom, I have 7 kids, ranging from 20 years to 4 years old. My hubby and I have survived, so far through 22 years of marriage.  I have been Scrapbooking/Stamping /Paper Crafting for at least half of my life.  I started crafting as a young mom to decorate my home on a very tight budget.  From there I got into scrapbooking and card making and moved onto various forms of art and crafting as the trends changed.

I am a down to earth person, the things I make are for real people, not meant to be on display shelf in a museum or too thick to put in a scrapbook. I make things and show things to people to inspire them, not to scare them or show off.  If I had to describe my style I would say I am a whimsical scrapper/crafter.  My things tend to be bright and cheery and I love to think outside the box.  I want to help people realize their own potential as crafters/artists.  I do not feel like I have any more talent than the next crafty person. I guess it’s just that I’m just not afraid to take risks and I make what I love.  I do not fear paper and I can tame any piece of paper.  I think all the above is why I am so in love with stamping and paper crafting.  I hope to inspire and entertain and show you some real doable things to recreate in your own fashion! 

Now, where are my stamps??

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Linda Abadie said...

I love your introduction... Look forward to working together with you. :)