Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gel-a-tins mashes up with Xyron!

This week, the Gel-a-tinas are working with Xyron!  What a great adhesive to use on your paper crafting projects.  Today, I used the 2" Cheetah with Permanent Adhesive, as well as the Xyron Gluestick.

Tomorrow will be the birthday of one of my friends. I created this fun ensemble using Gel-a-tins: Cosmo Pups and Make a Wish Sets!  Such a cheery set of images and words!

A plain pad of white paper gets the birthday treatment!!  Lots of stickles...and my new favorite color of Rumple Ribbon:  Crazy Coral!  (Can there be a limit to favorite colors??)

The 2" Xyron Cheetah made applying adhesive a snap on such large paper panels.

Basically, a card stock cover with a pocket on the inside!

Note card that just barks "Happy Birthday!" top it off...a book mark for her summer reads!
To get my poochies to lie flat, I applied the Xyron Glue Stick to the back of the cut out image.
(Remember to place it on top of a piece of scratch paper.)  Great coverage!!

I enjoyed this mash sure to scroll through the Gel-a-tins blog for more Xyron inspired ideas!

Thanks for stopping by today...
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up!

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Mare said...

Cute birthday gift and card. Love it.