Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Feature!

It's time for the final Tuesday Feature of the month already!  Whew!  This week I thought we'd focus on something yummy...our Sweet Cakes set!

I've always thought this set was so cute.  I really like to stamp over patterned paper to add a little extra interest to my images and this is one of those sets that works perfectly whether you want to do that or not. 

Sweet Cakes

Big cupcakes, little cupcakes, a cherry on top.  What else do you need?  Let's check out some projects!

These cards from former DT member Anita are so cute that they make me want to make my own set!


Making the same card in different colors is a great way to save some time, by the way.  If you know you have some birthdays coming up, just design one and get a few done together!  The designs in this set are really cute, but still very simple to cut out and that saves a lot of time.

This card has always cracked me up...

Googly eyes on a cupcake?  Perfect.  :)  I just had to share it for that reason.  Thanks to Donna for this one.

Look at the detail on this one by former DT member Linda:

That mini cupcake stamp combined with some Art Glitter makes for an unbelievable border to this card and then you have a big, beautiful cupcake in the middle! 

This post is making me hungry now. 

Jeannie made a card with some really amazing accents and she even did my favorite thing and stamped her cupcakes on patterned paper...


Good enough to eat! 

I hope you've enjoyed the Tuesday Feature this month!  It has been fun for me to look back at these projects and share them with you.  This set can be found in the store here.

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