Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Feature!

Welcome back for another Tuesday feature!  I'm excited for this one because this is a stamp that I can remember talking about with the owner before she even finished designing it.  I kept telling her to get it made because I wanted it right away!  :)

It is still not just one of my favorites, but probably my actual all-time favorite of all of my stamps.  I've used it so much that it's stained (not that you can tell that when it stamps, I just have a tendency to not actually clean my stamps after I use them), and I gave up on putting it away.  it has it's own block that I keep it on at all times so that it's just ready to go. 

Of course I'm talking about Love Knots!

Love Knots - Click Image to Close

The first thing I want to show you is a layout made by current DT member Ashley.  I love the way she used the stamp on this one:

The white ink on the black background is so perfect for this layout and so different from what you expect to see in a woodgrain pattern.  But that's the great thing about stamps, you can do whatever you want with them!

Now, how cute is this magnet made by Taheerah?

Coloring in sections of the grain adds some funky color and interest.  Plus, it's a magnet!  Hello?  How fun is that?  You can definitely see from this project that hearts aren't just for Valentine's Day.

Here's a great idea for another fun and different way to use your stamps.  This project is by former Dt member Donna:

No wrapping paper?  No problem.  The Love Knots stamp is so pretty here and really dresses up this little gift.  Imagine how it would look stamped in silver or gold ink.  I would end up keeping the present and saving the gift box for later too.

I'm sure you can start to get an idea why this stamp is one that I have in my stash and at the ready at all times.  I use it on cards and projects constantly.

I'll see you next week with another stamp feature and more project inspiration!

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