Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just for Fun! Throwback Thursday!

Hey gelly fans!

I thought that for the month of August we'd have some fun every week on Thursday and take part in Throwback Thursdays.  This week I thought I'd share a photo of me that isn't exactly super old, but feels like it was taken so long ago.

This October will be our eleventh anniversary.  The thing is, I know it isn't really that long, but we found out that we were pregnant with the twins not too long after we were married.  It was only a month or so before we found out and then, WHAM!  The honeymoon is over! :) 

This month we sent those twins off to middle school, rented them their first band instruments and spent about a zillion dollars on school supplies for them.  Not to mention that we also have a little guy off to first grade, and that the son that I had who was only six when we got married is now a sophomore in high school.  Again, eleven years isn't that long, but time flies!

I guess I should really get all the photos from this engagement session printed and scrap them (I tend to focus on scrapping the kids).  The boys may want to know about us and what our life was like for the brief period of time that we were together before they were born ;D

Feel free to share a throwback photo on your Instagram, Facebook page or blog today and share something with your peeps!  Have a great day!

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