Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mini Notebook Stocking Stuffers

Are you an elf helper for Santa Claus? Get on the ball with these super sweet notebooks. They are a good size to slip into purses, the car, the locker at school, or a stocking!



By using Santa's Candy Cane scented Gelly Powder, these notebooks smell sweet to!
To make it extra special, monogram each one. Here I used gold duct tape for the binding and the monogram. Not only does it add holiday glitz, but it helps keep the new cover bound together.

Gel-a-tins: Gingerbread House
Santa's Candy Cane scented Gelly Powder
Colored Inks
Sakura Pen
Gold Duct Tape
Ribbon and cord
Red Pearl Pen from Viva Decor

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